4 Planning Questions for 2021

This year had been a bumpy roller coaster ride for all of us. Is it not? Another uncertain one waiting for us down the line. But believe me, Business people around the world have started planning ahead for 2021. You need to come up with a rigid business plan too. A plan as sturdy as a well built ferry that can bypass any tempestuous overfall. In short, a plan that works in any crazy situation. 

Things would be easy for you if you can answer these four questions.

1.How can I increase my digital footprint to take advantage of so many people working remotely?

The pandemic has changed the way people work. The need for isolation has made us dependent on technology. The pace in which the world is moving to digital is alarming. It’s the need of the hour to put extra effort on improving your digital marketing skills.

Are you discussing creating an online store?

What about increasing your media presence for 2021?

Think about it right away before it is too late.

2.How much will my team work remotely going forward?

Remote working is going to be popular for quite some time now. It has got its perks. No more wasting time on commuting and being able to work anywhere and anytime are some among the few. The most significant importance is that your employees do not have to  compromise on their personal life anymore. With very little planning they can have a good work life balance. Remote work also brings opportunities for increased flexibility, reduced office expense and increased outsourcing of tasks.

3.How can I use the remote and digital approach to bring more value to my customers?

Now since we have realised that remote working and digital approach is the new normal, are you ready to have extra capacity that you can use differently?

You should perhaps start working on the things that you should change in 2021 to provide more value to your customers, who are also dealing with similar situations.

Leverage remote work effectively during the pandemic to witness unusual growth in your business.

4. How do we transition from a pandemic environment to a new normal environment?

One thing we know for sure is that we will eventually come out of the pandemic soon. We will return and settle to some new normal, which we are quite unsure now. So, we need some vigorous planning here. We need to sit together and brainstorm plans that can harness opportunities in the current situation. I can guarantee you that we will extend any amount of help and support to help you adapt and thrive when you return to a post pandemic normal. 

Don’t take the pandemic as chaos because this is an opportunity if you can think of it that way. You might have to take extra effort in making a Plan B or even Plan C for your organisation. But better late than never. If you start right away you can sail through.

As you go through your year end planning and look ahead towards 2021, I would encourage you to discuss these questions I have asked you with your team to take advantage of the chaos of the coming year. Again, let me remind you that change and chaos are great opportunities for smaller companies. By their nature the huge companies have more difficulty adjusting and adapting to the changing environment of 2021. So make sure you plan ahead and do everything you can to take advantage of the opportunities that lay in front of you.

Start Your Plans For 2021

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