8 Management Tools You Aren’t Using

Today let’s just try listing out all the management tools that you are using in your organization.

I know that you can proudly claim that you have great tools for almost everything and anything. You have a great CRM tool for tracking your sales team, accounting software for bookkeeping, office productivity tools, project management software, file management system and even chat applications.

You might even be possessing an incredible ERP system and HRIS system for HR Compliance.

Are you still bothered that you have unhappy managers?

I guess you have often felt that you need a structured management system to keep all the other systems and their respective managers working together.

I know exactly what you need. An eminently sensible list of management tools that you need to be using right away is the solution to many of the growth issues in your company. 

Scrolling down you are going to find out 8 very effective management tools, you realize you were not using.

  1. Long term corporate goals- Don’t you think you need to share it with your team?
    Obviously! Because only then your middle managers can plan and hire the right people who can achieve the medium goals that are necessary for you to reach your long term goal.

  2. Are you measuring well on your Key Performance Indicators?
    KPIs are really powerful tools to help your business track their performance. If used judiciously KPIs are a powerful early warning system for identifying problems before they become a crisis.

  3. Don’t be that person who thinks documenting your procedures are not efficient.
    Winning the game of business will be a cakewalk for you and your team if you follow and implement procedures from a formal document. Documentation helps to maintain consistency and control of your growth.

  4. Effective meeting management results in enhanced productivity.
    It might be boring and monotonous to spend a few hours for meetings. But no matter whatever you are updated on- Goals, KPIs, Procedures, it is all pointless if not brainstormed or discussed upon.

  5. Are you doing your one-on-one meetings consistently?
    Shying away from one-on-one meetings will not help. Be the mentor!. Coach your employees for a few minutes and guide them to help themselves and the company grows hand in hand.

  6. Implement the practice of rating your employees against company mission and values.
    How often do we evaluate acquaintances based on their personal values? Quite often right! Do the same in your organization too. Regularly evaluate your team members against your company’s corporate mission and values. Problem people exist everywhere, even in your organization. They are like weeds. Pluck them away before they chase off your top performers too.

  7. Try to follow written company values every time.
    Every organization should have a master document consisting of the company values. Ask your manager to follow them to make decisions. Educate your employees to be copycats and let them learn to make decisions the same way their managers do.

  8. Positive feedback first, corrective feedback later.
    To err is human! Realize that it is normal for your employees to make mistakes. Discussions about them can wait. Give them a couple of positive feedbacks first. Negativity can drag down innovation and growth. Corrective feedback works far more effectively after a pattern of positive feedback has been established- typically with five to ten positive feedback interactions for every corrective feedback given. 

I can hear what you are thinking already!

Most of these tools sound like common sense right. But as Frank Lloyde once said ‘There is nothing more uncommon than common sense’. 

I hope you are convinced that these are a powerful set of no-cost management tools that simplify your management, drive revenue, enhance business growth, and leverage your business to gain a competitive edge over your rivals.

Still skeptical of using these tools?

We will help you attain confidence in this.

Check out the Abunden videos available on each tool. Visit abunden.com for more such resources on growing your business.

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