90 Days to a Go/No Go Decision?

Yesterday I spoke with two different people about how to evaluate a new service or product. The two perspectives I received were as different as night and day. Were we even talking about the same thing?

From one perspective, when launching a new product or service, you need to quickly decide if it is going to work or not. In Silicon Valley they used to call this approach, Fail Fast. Throw something out to the market and see if it works. If so, Great! If not, back to the drawing board and try something else. 

The advice I got was, give it 90 days and if you don’t get the results, shut it down. I see the point.

The second perspective was basically, Persistence Wins. This person has spent the better part of the last decade developing their knowledge into a product. The development time was tremendous and there were many approaches that did not work. Should they have shut it down after the first failure? Some people suggested so at the time. 

There is also a good point here, persistence pays off.

Whether you listen to life coaching podcasts, read leadership books or just surf social media, you have probably seen versions of both of these sayings. So which one is right? Should you fail fast? Or be persistent? 

What is your perspective on this issue? Is one better than another? Can you do both somehow? 

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