A Bad System Beats A Good Person Every Time

A bad system beats a good person every time!

That was Edwards Deming. Deming was a legend of the 20th century management and quality movements. He had a huge part in helping Japan recover from WW2 and becoming one of the leading industrial powers of the world. Really smart guy and I think he has got a great point, systems are really important and repeatable systems can really drive a business’s growth.

But in today’s world, so many systems and systems depend on people and people depend on systems. So,in today’s world you need both, you need excellent systems and you need excellent people if you are gonna win in the competitive world that we live in today. 

So, we need to look at the holistic version of our business. We need to understand what the plan is, how we organize, how we make decisions, how we use systems, how we train people and how we get feedback. 

All these things are critical to the success of our company. So, my question is are you looking at your business in a holistic manner. And if you are a business advisor, are you helping your clients to look at it in a holistic manner with all the different parts, not just systems, not just people, but all that working together.
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