About Us

Abunden provides software tools to business advisors to add structure to their clients’ businesses. The tools help the clients to more effectively develop people, delegate and scale quickly.

Why We Serve

Building companies that continue to grow is critical to a successful society and the families in that society.

At Abunden, we believe that a few key areas separate exceptional companies from struggling businesses.

  • Listening to build relationships
  • Shared vision build teams
  • Value-based decisions
  • Economic effectiveness

Who We Serve

Abunden focuses on

  • Business advisors, and
  • Entrepreneurial companies that want to keep growing.

The business advisors we support are typically fractional executives or consultants who serve clients with at least 10 people.

Companies use people to scale their business. Typically companies either have an internal champion or else they work with a business advisor that brings the Abunden Tools.

How We Serve

The Abunden Tools provide structure for growing companies in a method that is consistent with excellent management practices used by leading companies around the world.

Abunden provides tools are based on the Abunden Framework©. The tools are delivered through a software as a service product that is available to any internet connected device with a modern browser.


The Abunden Tools that make it safe to delegate. Delegation is critical to the motivation and economics of scaling a business.

The decades of experience that led to the development of the Abunden Tools has seen a number of companies double their sales.

What can our tools do for your clients? How will you build the skills in habits in your clients without the Abunden Tools?


Sheryl L.
Culture Advisor

Abunden Software brings visibility and organization to the consulting work I perform for clients.

Pradeep A.
Pricing Consultant

The Abunden App addresses all issues that CEOs of smaller companies face.

Mark V.
CEO (Services)

We needed at tool to keep us disciplined, on a schedule, on a clock and organized during our weekly meetings.

Jay C.
Peer Group Leader

These tools are needed by many of the CEO’s in my roundtable group.

Tania D.
Partner (Staffing)

Thanks for taking our company to another level.

Lance S.
Growth Consultant

The Abunden app helps me manage my clients much more effectively.

Bill B.
CEO (Distribution)

You just saved our company more this afternoon than your fees for the whole year.

Jennifer G.
Business Transformer

I appreciate Abunden being the glue to keep all business thoughts, goals, and information in one place.

Mark V.
Manager (Manufacturing)

I never thought our supervisors could perform so well without upgrading that position.

Carlos S.
Fractional CFO

The impact and structure that gives, and then seeing so many things that you're doing better.

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