Adding Value to Clients

Adding some value to my client, how would I do that with Abunden?

Right. So you know, as you’re doing your compliance work, obviously you learn to build a relationship, learn about the clients and their situation. From time to time you see situations where companies are trying to grow, maybe expressing some frustration and just from a kind of common business sense. 

Having a little bit of organization in a company is helpful, so if you’re running your own practice, obviously, you know how things are organised, you’ve got some kind of process and so bringing some of those same approaches to help your clients.

Typically, it’s not a huge leap, necessarily. Now you have to be cautious. You don’t want to overstate, but for example saying “Maybe having an org chart would be something that would help you get a perspective on your company”.

It’s not a big jump to talk with that kind of suggestion to somebody, having a basic short kind of one-page business plan. Again, that’s not a radical solution. So those are the types of tools that usually advisors, kind of consultative CPAs tend to use to say “I want to help my client”, Abunden offers some basic tools that most companies really should have. 

So that’s the typical way you kind of get started.

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