Beat Your Competition using the Labor Shortage

What’s going on in the labour market? 

I’ve been hearing some really unusual things, strange things over the last few weeks. I’ve read that there’s going to be shortages of gasoline in the midwest just because we can’t get enough truck drivers to deliver the gas. 

I’ve talked to people who put ads on indeed that normally get lots of responses and they barely get one or two, even a handful is just the most they get, completely bizarre. Also, I’ve heard about companies that are paying people to apply for jobs at their company. This is so strange. 

This is completely different from the world I’m used to. What’s going on? Why is this? Well, I don’t know. I’ve heard theories that it’s immigration, that it’s the pandemic, that it’s unemployment from the pandemic. I’ve heard that it’s just millennials, so I don’t know what it is that’s causing it. 

But it is the new reality. This is something that’s widespread. It’s crossed many different fields so we have to consider it and start dealing with it. What are we going to do about it? We’ve got to work harder to get people. 

Best way is supervisors, your supervisors are the key to retaining people, getting the most productivity out of your people and even get referrals so you can get new people into the organization because it’s so hard to get them.

Why is that? Well, you’ve heard the saying “people don’t quit jobs, they quit supervisors.” 

So, if you can give your supervisors the tools, the training to build relationships, to give feedback and help them connect with the people, get the most productivity, reduce turnover and get those referrals, then you’re going to be successful and out-compete your competition.
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