Building Leaders: Take Responsibilities

In order to grow a company, you will need more people.

No surprise there! But some of those people will need to lead others. 

What do you look for in people who might be future leaders for your company?

There are several traits that come to mind. Today I would like to focus on taking responsibility. What, exactly, do I mean by taking responsibility? 

On one level, it is not that hard to take responsibility. Anyone can say, “Oh, I’ll take responsibility for that task”. It is another thing altogether to actually be responsible for something. 

I am reminded of a classic Seinfeld sitcom episode where the car rental company does not have a car for Jerry and he explains the difference between taking the reservation and holding the reservation!

A leader should not only take responsibility for a task but also be responsible for themselves. 

Ultimately, responsibility is about not blaming others for problems. If a computer crashes, an employee is sick or a supplier does not deliver material on time, can you just blame the computer, the employee or the supplier and be done with it? Or does taking responsibility mean finding a creative way to solve your customer’s problem?

If it is your business, you know that blaming others doesn’t prevent or fix a problem. So, look for this trait in your future leaders in your company!

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