Death of Compliance?

Learning how to serve customers better, the primary motivation shouldn’t be CPE. It should be serving our customers. Now again, this is a relatively new project but what kind of feedback are we hearing? 

Because one of the things I’m hearing, a lot of accountants and I want to really nip this in the bud because the world will tell us where commodities are being replaced by the robots and the bots and things like that.

I personally disagree with that wholeheartedly because, you know, the robots will hopefully never replace relationships, they’ll never replace the ability to care. So for those that would say, you know, what was me, “compliance is dying” What would you say to that?

And then I want to talk about the feedback you’re getting from your end-user clients. So, first of all, let’s talk about the “death of compliance”, which I’d love your thoughts on that.

Well, if you look at the advances in software just for tax prep, it saves a lot of time, but it hasn’t replaced the tax professional, at this point by any stretch. Technology is going to keep moving forward. It was just kind of pushing the service provider up the value chain even more. So you’ve got more and more opportunities to leverage the tools, you know, just, with the Abunden tools. 

If you’re gonna make an ORG chart what most people do right now, they get Excel or they get PowerPoint. I’ve taken that work chart and made notes with the client. I take it back the next day, trying to figure out the notes, and doing it takes forever. 

The handwriting and points that might be documented in a rush or by another person might not be legible; also there’s a high chance of not documenting all the key points. And instead, if we can do it, in real-time on software with drag-drop, edit, and save boom! we’re done and you can do it either virtually, (you can do it over a zoom or google call) or you can do it in person, where you can use the share screen option where you put it up on the conference screen.

You haven’t taken anything away from the advice. In fact you’ve made the advice that is much more effective. 

You’re no longer billing for two hours’ worth of dragging PowerPoint around now you’re building for the value that you’re adding. And as technology enables even better service and there are actual changes. It’s not necessarily pure compliance anymore, but having that organization got to have a CPA that does compliance work.

And one of the situations that we were working through was a situation where you’ve got this entrepreneur with eight different businesses and he’s trying to figure out how they all fit together. 

And so he was actually using the ORG chart, a way to both put the corporate entities and the people in each entity together. So you could properly do payroll properly, roll up the corporate taxes, allocate expenses and assets between the different entities.  And so it was a tool to help him both communicate with the client and then also to provide better service.

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