DIY Cost-Effective Assessments in Your Hiring

Not that long ago I did a video and talked about having a structured hiring process that would help

move your hiring success rate from 25% successful hires to over 75% successful hires. And I talked about a multi step process.

One of the things I talked about was assessments. Assessments can be very powerful and there’s a lot of them out there commercially. Number of them are very expensive for a small company, thousands of dollars for a package. 

They may not be that much but even so if you’re going to interview a number of people during the course of the year, you’ve got areas where you need to assess their performance, their personality, whatever it is, that can add up very quickly.

So what’s the other option? How do you go about that? 

There’s another way to do it. Think about a job. You are going to hire an assistant and this assistant needs to write some emails. So, in your hiring process, one of the steps would be to ask them to write an email. Maybe you’ve got a product update coming out or a new price list or whatever it is. 

You know, whatever you’d expect them, write an email for, give that as an example and say write me an email; that is an assessment. And as long as you do it consistently to all the applicants at that stage of the hiring process, then it’s fantastic. You’re not discriminating, it’s an actual work/task that you expect the people to do. So you get information about how they do that work/task. 

A fantastic cost effective way for you to assess the performance and behavior of those people/ candidates. So, consider that the next time you’re hiring for a position and you’re making your process, assessments can be in there without breaking the bank.

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