Having trouble running your virtual management meetings?

Now that the COVID shock has changed the way we have meetings into a much more virtual event, you need to be more effective at running your meetings, particularly management meetings.

Fortunately, you have found the guidance you need to have consistently excellent meetings!

Chapter 1:

What are the Keys to Having Consistently Excellent Management Meetings?

The best way to change behaviors in most business situations is to nudge the people into a consistent habit. The first habit is to show up on time for the meetings. In order to do this, we first need to have the meetings at the same time, every time.

For management meetings, the meetings should be weekly for nearly any company. Smaller huddle meetings can be held daily and quarterly or annual planning meetings can be very effective, but the core management meeting should be weekly.​

When during the week should the meetings be held?

Depending on the schedule and routine of the company, the weekly management meetings can be held on most days of the week. Typically Tuesday…

Running Virtual ​Management Meetings Keys to having consistently excellent virtual management meetings

You’re going to have great management meetings if you can…

  • Meetings should last no more than 90 minutes so people remain attentive.
  • Focus on the big issues. Discuss the most important issues first!
  • Write down action items with a due date and person assigned to the task.
  • Start on time and end your meetings on time – every time!
  • Hold the meetings on the same day and time each week

Karl K. Maier

Karl Maier brings more than three decades of experience growing companies and outperforming their competition.

He has been part of successful management teams with results including:

  • Growing revenue in an industrial distribution company by 5X in three years to $15 million.
  • Growing revenue in a health safety services company by 7X in four years to $7 million.
  • Doubling several consulting clients’ revenues in two years.

Karl has worked in companies in all stages including software startups (co-founder), middle-market firms and huge international companies gives him an added level of insight.

Karl received both his B.A. in Economics and his MBA concentrating in Entrepreneurship and Information Systems from Rice University in Houston, Texas.

The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Management Meetings

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