Love Your Documentation

What do you think is the most unappealing thing that you have ever seen in any organization?

You have all answered it in a chorus. 


The procedures are boring. Documenting them is even more boring. 

But what we also know is that some great business owners do really value them. That’s why they have been pulling out all stops to get it written in any means, many times by themselves too. Ever wondered why they were really particular about documenting each and every activity running in their company?

Let’s try to highlight it here ‘CONSISTENCY’.

Procedures create consistent results. Customers like consistent results. It may not be obvious, but customers actually prefer consistent results over high-quality results almost in all cases.

Try asking the people at McDonald’s or Subway If you are not quite sure about that. Consistency is their unique selling proposition. When you stop at their outlet and order a Big Mac, you surely know what’s coming. The quality could differ a little at different stores but they will never let you down on the consistency part. The same is the case with Subway too. You get the same Italian B.M.T in any store in Texas just like the one you had in New Jersey. They are definitely the perfect comfort food while on a road trip or if you are traveling. 

These consistent results are driven by tuned procedures repeated again and again. Repeated business processes are a great way to drive your company to profitability.

So let’s trash our inhibitions and start writing procedures for processes in your company. You should start documenting procedures for anything and everything. How you get customers and how you close them is one of the most important. Document procedures for how you produce your goods and services, how you collect your money from customers, and how you track the money you have collected and spend. Last but not the least, you should also write procedures for how you handle issues with people in your organization.

Let’s summarize it this way. Procedures are like the two sides of a coin. One side of it is boring but the other side is really valuable and counts for your business. You just need to choose your side, So do it wisely.

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