Abunden helps founders reduce their stress and grow their business

with just enough process and structure!!

Our clients are typically dealing with a lack of structure we call the Founder’s Dilemma because of the difficult choices on how the Founder should spend their time.

The Abunden Tools is powered by the Abunden Framework©, which underlies all of our tools and services, provides the appropriate structure for dealing with this dilemma.

We have seen many companies grow and safely double their sales in two years.


Delegation is nearly

impossible – until you have the structure in place that makes is safe to delegate!!

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Online courses, software and consulting services that together can generate a 5X return on investment


Mark Vlaskamp
Cofounder & Managing Partner

Abunden has helped us build our management team and grow significantly faster while avoiding more than one problem along the way.

Diego Ramirez
Founder / President

Thanks to Karl and Abunden, we put together the management team framework, tools and processes needed to execute and grow.

Pradeep Anand
Pricing Consultant

The Abunden App addresses all issues that CEOs of smaller companies face.

Lynai Jones

Thank you for creating such an intuitive and thoughtful tool! I find it very useful and I plan to integrate this into my team management plan immediately.

Bill Bragman

You just saved our company more this afternoon than your fees for the whole year.

Lisa Dennis

Thank you for your help. You’re the first person who listened to me and made me believe in myself.

Abunden Solution

Six tools that work great together to continue your growth to 100+ people!

Get started with the parts that you need now and add the others when needed

Create the organizational structure needed to grow your team and the business

Easy-to-use, drag and drop org charts for limits of authority, responsibility and feedback tracking make it easier to monitor your team as you grow

Org Charts Reduce Confusion and Stress
one-on-one meeting

Transform your employees performance with behavioral feedback and tracking

Keep everyone marching to the same beat with effortless tools for monitoring the vision you have set


Sheryl L.
Culture Advisor

Abunden Software brings visibility and organization to the consulting work I perform for clients.

Pradeep A.
Pricing Consultant

The Abunden App addresses all issues that CEOs of smaller companies face.

Mark V.
CEO (Services)

We needed at tool to keep us disciplined, on a schedule, on a clock and organized during our weekly meetings.

Jay C.
Peer Group Leader

These tools are needed by many of the CEO’s in my roundtable group.

Tania D.
Partner (Staffing)

Thanks for taking our company to another level.

Lance S.
Growth Consultant

The Abunden app helps me manage my clients much more effectively.

Bill B.
CEO (Distribution)

You just saved our company more this afternoon than your fees for the whole year.

Jennifer G.
Business Transformer

I appreciate Abunden being the glue to keep all business thoughts, goals, and information in one place.

Mark V.
Manager (Manufacturing)

I never thought our supervisors could perform so well without upgrading that position.

Carlos S.
Fractional CFO

The impact and structure that gives, and then seeing so many things that you're doing better.

* Your results may vary

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