Set Your Rocks like a Rockstar!
Set Your Rocks like a Rockstar!

Rocks are just another name for quarterly goals. Each quarter you need new goals, but what are great ways to set quarterly goals for your company?

Here are eight things I look for when setting rocks each quarter.

  1. Set a revenue goal for the quarter. And be a bit optimistic! 
  2. How high do you think your profits can be?
  3. What is a key operating step for the marketing and sales team?
  4. What do operations need to work on?
  5. How can finance, with borrowing or investment, help move the company forward this quarter?
  6. What can admin and IT do in the next 90 days?
  7. What do we need to do as a team? Where do communications among us need to improve? 
  8. What other combination do we need to consider? Acquire a company? Invest in a coach? Sell the company? Something else?

While, your goals might not be exactly like the list I just described, if you follow these eight tips as a guide to setting your rocks for the quarter, I think you will be pleased. 

Are you ready to set your rocks like a rockstar?  

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