Sharing Long Term Goals

We all have long term personal goals. Don’t we?

For some it might be buying a bigger house, or a better school for their kids or even a nicer and extravagant vacation.

Organisations have them too. It would be something like helping out more customers and making people better, getting into the first page of google etc.

Long term business goals are the one that pushes you forward to think wiser, work harder and to keep you motivated every single day.

You definitely ought to have that big picture of where you want to stand 10 years from now. It is the driving force for any small business to eventually grow into a multi-dollar company.

You have probably heard that saying from Stephen Covey- ‘Start with the end in mind’. The end is what decides our actions and efforts in the present.

Most businessmen would have defined their long term goals well, but many might have a problem sharing them. While many entrepreneurs have no problem articulating their long term vision and goal, some people are less comfortable telling their team where they want to end up. 

A goal that resides in your mind alone will only grow and die in the mind. There will be no success story to tell about it. 

I believe that the self made man theory is ridiculous. Most of the success that you had have been the results of a lot of collaboration. It’s not just you, it’s your team that helped you with it. So don’t you think your long term goals are also worth sharing.

I guess most of you might be worried about sharing them thinking how your team members react. You fear you will be judged at every milestone of your path to making the goal happen. You start to think that you are disclosing too much information with your team which is simply ineffectual.

This is totally untrue. A certain amount of healthy discussion is beneficial to any organisation even though it may come up with some uncertainty.

There are two kinds of entrepreneurs. The one who hesitates to share their long term goal with the middle management and the one who reluctantly shares them. 

The managers of organisations with improper information will find it really difficult to decide on important things like what type of technology to deploy, what type of skill sets to hire, whether to hire contractors or full time employees etc. Lack of information could end up in bad business decisions risking the future growth of your organisation.

Conversely there are businessmen who conveys their long term goals to their team effectively. There was the founder of this company, who articulated the desire to grow his firm over the next 5 years with the goal of selling it. In the end, the company was sold for over a hundred million dollars.

That’s what happens when the founder empowers the management to build the staff, the organisation and the technology to support the growth. The company grows, so does each and everyone connected to it. 

Reading this you will never hesitate to share your long term goals with your people.

So get up,  walk straight to your team and have that conversation about what you want to be  5 or 10 years down the road. It could lead to even more success that you ever dreamt of. 

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