Structured Interviewing to Save Big Money

In a previous blog, I talked about how three out of four new hires for most companies do not work out within 6-12 months. Those people are gone. Your investment in interviewing, hiring, training is all gone and you’ve got to start over again. 

In that video, I talked about having a process where you have multiple steps to go through to hire people, one of those was interviewing. In this blog, I’d like to talk to you a little bit about an excellent way to interview to get better results when you’re hiring. 

First thing to note, the typical interview is hi, how are you, let’s chat for a while, then ask a few questions. Whatever questions come to mind and what order they come up I ask and that’s the interview and that’s a fantastic way to have a social conversation. But from an effectiveness in hiring, being able to compare candidates, it just doesn’t work.

So, what should I do? 

The interviews! First, you should have multiple interviews. So when you bring somebody into the office they should be talking to at least three perhaps as many as five people depending on the position. 

Each one of those people should have their own list of questions that they ask in exactly the same order for each person they interview. Then, they should take some notes so they have some answers and then can later compare because typically you don’t interview everybody on the same day.

So, maybe two weeks. Two weeks is a long time to remember exactly what the other person said. But if you’ve got some notes, you can compare and you’ve got the exact same questions in the exact same order, then you have a much much greater chance of hiring the right person. 

If you do it within the framework of the whole process, I strongly encourage you to try this. It really doesn’t cost any more. You spend the same amount of time in that interview, whether you do it in random order or if you do it in a structured manner.

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