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We aim to constantly improve our user’s experience by providing practical, easy-to-use tools for building great management teams.

“That’s what the Abunden software does, it provides some accountability, some structure, some routine, that allows people to have that security and trust in the system and helps a leader to bring his team along.”

Sheryl L.

President, Culture Spark

The Abunden App addresses all issues that CEOs of smaller companies face. Having these tools in one, easily accessible, and updateable digital space is much easier for a CEO than trying to track it all in their head or on notepads or disparate files on computers.

Pradeep A.

President, Seeta Resources

The Abunden app helps me manage my clients much more effectively. Many of my clients are filled with great ideas, but it becomes impossible to focus when there are so many initiatives and tasks. Using the Abunden app helps my clients understand priorities and time limits so we can focus on the important topics. They are much happier clients as a result!

Lance S.

Growth Consultant

“We needed at tool to keep us disciplined, on a schedule, on a clock and organized during our weekly meetings.”

Mark S.

Owner Services Company

“One of the things I have discovered with the Abunden Framework is that it allows me to help them structure themselves.”

Lance S.

Growth Consultant

These tools are needed by many of the CEO’s in my roundtable group. I can see how they can help these companies get organized and grow.

Jay C.

Coach/Founder, Peer Groups

The impact and structure that gives, and then seeing so many things that you’re doing better

Carlos S.

Strategic CFO, Fractional CFO

You just saved our company more this afternoon than your fees for the whole year.

Bill B.

Owner, Distribution Company

“The night and day difference between pre and post-Abunden management meetings doesn’t get brought up enough.”

Mark V.

Owner Services Company

“The Abunden software was incredibly helpful in this just in helping to identify and capture all of these different ideas, projects and initiatives and tie timelines to them.”

Sheryl L.

President, Culture Spark

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