Abunden Framework©

Proven Framework for Building Companies to Outperform their Competition

The Abunden Framework© is a powerful approach that uses

real-world, science-backed tools that help coaches and managers build teams. Great teams can be built with the right tools.

The Abunden Framework© is comprehensive set of tools that

promote critical team skills including Listening, Planning, Measuring, Procedures, People and Issues

A World Of Infinite Opportunities


In school we are taught to listen to respond. Sometimes we listen to get confirmation of our beliefs, but it takes a different skill to listen to understand. The Abunden Framework© teaches this skill to managers and supervisors to improve decisions and employee engagement.


Start with the End in Mind

We have to know where we are going in order to get there. Abunden uses a simple approach to clarifying the goals for the company and the big steps to successfully get there.


Measure to Manage

Measurement starts with the organization wide metrics tracked by top management, but is then driven down to smaller groups and eventually the individual team member. The measurement process is careful to distinguish between leading indicators like activities and lagging indicators which are the result of activities.


Documenting Processes Drive Repeatable Results

The documentation of key processes and procedures in an organization create repeatable results. Repeatable results can then be adjusted to correct issues that may come up over time. These adjustments lead to consistent quality and satisfied customers.


Put the Right People in the Right Roles

Getting good people is tough enough, but unless the people are the right fit for the organization as well as the position, they will not be as productive and engaged as they need to be. Getting the right people in the right places leads to better teamwork and ultimately customer satisfaction.


Process Issues to Find Solutions

Processing issues openly across the different parts of the company creates new solutions and reduces the turf wars so common in companies. Effective issue processing takes advantage of tools like the Six Hats approach to save time in meetings as well as get better results from those discussions.

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