What Stops Companies from Growing?

What Stops Companies from Growing? 

Companies are founded based on technical product knowledge and the ability to sell those products.As companies grow, their challenges change from selling and delivering products to organizing and managing people.

Often, founders realize they are spending more and more time on people issues. These issues can range from partner conflicts, to family drama, to employee problems. And they will drain energy from a company and stop it from growing.

My name is Karl Maier and I am the founder of Abunden. Over the last three decades, I have worked with rapidly growing small and lower-middle market companies in various management and advisory roles and I have seen them both succeed and fail.

Many companies have grown rapidly to a point and then just stopped, long before reaching the founders’ goals.But when they have implemented the tools available in the Abunden app, I have seen companies re-start their sales growth and double in two years. 

In the process of working with these companies, I have identified five key tools to organize and motivate teams and keep companies growing. These tools have proven to be very effective in companies ranging from software startups, to family owned distribution companies, to international service companies.

What are these tools?

First is a concise, yet powerful one-page business plan to tell the team where they are going and why. 

Next is an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop org chart that tells people where they fit in, what they are responsible for, and what decisions they can make.

Third are structured management meetings to identify issues, opportunities, and challenges facing the company. Then the team can discuss the issues and make decisions so they can move forward on a timely basis. 

As management makes decisions and assigns responsibilities, supervisors need to build relationships with employees, delegate tasks, change behaviors, and assess performance so things get done.

And finally the team needs tools to track and monitor repeatable business processes, as well as, a simple learning management system to educate employees so they produce consistent, excellent products and services for customers. 

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