What’s All This I Hear About Rocks?
What's All This I Hear About Rocks

Have you heard people talking about rocks? 

I don’t mean people in the mining or gravel industries. I’m talking about business people, consultants and the like. 

What do they mean and where did this term come from?

First, the term rocks is used like a major goal. For example, hiring two new salespeople this quarter is one of our rocks. 

Great! Now where did this term come from? The term rocks come from a short story. Let’s say you have several big rocks, a number of smaller stones and a lot of tiny pebbles and you want to put them all into a container that was not that big. How do you get the most into the container? 

One approach is to start with the tiny pebbles, then add the small stones, but when you get to the rocks there are no large spots left to put the rocks!

However, if you start with the big rocks, the smaller stones and tiny pebbles can slip in-between the rocks and there is room for all the pieces.

Of course, this is a metaphor for setting priorities. Focus on a few major objectives at any point in time and things will come together for you. This practice is one you should consider using in your business planning and meetings.

When I am facilitating weekly or quarterly management meetings for a company, the first thing on the agenda is to review the progress on the quarterly rocks for the company. It is a great way to identify issues that might prevent the company from reaching its quarterly goals!

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