Why You Need a One Page Business Plan

What is included in this One-Page Business Plan?

Four things: mission, values, goals and focus. I will go into more detail on each of these topics in other videos, but here are the key parts of the plan.

  1. Mission – A mission statement attracts and keeps people with the same priorities motivated. It tells them why are we here, beyond just the money.
  1. Values – Values are about how we make decisions. Again, the economics are important, but it’s also about other non-financial reasons we make decisions. Think of the ten commandments. 
  1. Goals – What is the end goal? Sell the company? Pass it on to others? And what do we need to accomplish in the next five years to set up the end goal?
    Further, what do we need to do in the next year to be able to achieve our five year goals?
  1. Focus – Focus has three sub-parts. One is we can’t do everything well at once, so what market are we focused on?
    Another is what is our Brand Promise to customers? And what should they expect each time they deal with us?
    And finally, what makes us different operationally? 

These pieces come together to tell your team how to make decisions. 

Can you imagine how powerful that will be for you? 

What is your plan for your company?  

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