Yesterday. Great Song, but a Manager’s Trap

Yesterday! The Beatles had a great song and it was also the title of a recent movie. 

But yesterday is a trap for managers. As people, we are naturally concerned by past problems. From a survival point of view, we learned from past experiences! The ability to learn is still important.

However, as a manager, it is easy to remind people about yesterday’s problems and not focus on what can be done today to change behaviors tomorrow. 

Telling people what they did wrong is a common habit. However, if we talk about the impact of a behavior instead of being critical of the person or the behavior, the odds of getting the result you want tomorrow are much greater.

For example, telling someone “When you are late to work, it disrupts the team and we can’t properly serve the customers in the store. Can you work on that?”, feels completely different from “Why were you late this morning?” or “You need to come in on time!”.

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