Are you struggling with your profits and growth?

Abunden provides Management Consulting leveraging the Abunden Management Toolbox© business operating system software to get your profits and growth back on track.

profits and growth back on track

Solutions to your issues

While some problems are best solved by others in our network, most companies are facing some common challenges:

  • Cash Flow and Financing
  • Team and Organization
  • Systems and Processes
  • Strategy and Direction

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Solutions to your issues

Fix It Using the

  • Increase sales by over 20% from increased organizational capacity to serve clients
  • Reduce turnover by at least 1 to 2 positions per year through better supervisor-employee relationships
  • Improve productivity by 10% or more through increased employee engagement

Benefits of the Abunden Solution

  • Our Founder’s decades of experience helping companies to handle rapid doubling of sales
  • Software makes advisory services more cost effective
  • Combination of software and guidance is the fastest way to build your management infrastructure
Abunden Solution

Success Story: Arguing Co-Founders

Success Story

Four co-founders of a consumer services company were arguing instead of making decisions.

Abunden put in place the Abunden Management Toolbox© software, trained the team, and facilitated management meetings to resolve the interpersonal conflicts.

As a result the company was able to handle doubling sales two years!

Case Study: Loss of Management Infrastructure

After growing sales by 7X in four years, an industrial services company loses their CEO to illness. 

The new CEO ignores the management infrastructure built by the previous CEO.

Teamwork quickly breaks down. Key people begin to leave. Productivity plummets.

Sales decline by over 80% in four years and profits collapse.

Case Study: Loss of Management Infrastructure

Success Story: Overworked and Stressed Out Owner!

Success Story: Overworked and Stressed Out Owner!

Sales were stuck at a 15 year-old health services company, causing tons of stress for the owner.

Abunden put in place planning tools and management meetings to develop a new layer of management thus reducing the owner’s stress.

The company was then able to double the number of regions where it operated within 18 months!

growth problem

Are You a Business Advisor?

Use the Abunden Management Toolbox© for your practice


Abunden Management Toolbox testimonial

Mark Vlaskamp
Cofounder & Managing Partner

Abunden has helped us build our management team and grow significantly faster while avoiding more than one problem along the way.

Diego Ramirez
Founder / President

Thanks to Karl and Abunden, we put together the management team framework, tools and processes needed to execute and grow.

Pradeep Anand
Pricing Consultant

The Abunden App addresses all issues that CEOs of smaller companies face.

Lynai Jones

Thank you for creating such an intuitive and thoughtful tool! I find it very useful and I plan to integrate this into my team management plan immediately.

Bill Bragman

You just saved our company more this afternoon than your fees for the whole year.

Lisa Dennis

Thank you for your help. You’re the first person who listened to me and made me believe in myself.

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