The most cost-effective and comprehensive management system for companies with 10

to 50 people!

Build management habits that drive culture, technology, sales – and everything your team accomplishes!

The combination of software, training and services makes Abunden’s Management Toolbox© system exceptionally cost-effective.

Effective people management drives:

  • Rapid sales growth
  • Scalable, quality production
  • Exceptional return on investment

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What is Stressing You Out?

Frustrated by People Problems?

Discover how to solve the founder’s dilemma. Get your people organized, work together and improve the work environment.

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Learn how companies have used the Entrepreneur’s Management Toolbox to double their sales

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How We Deliver Value

Abunden offers the Entrepreneur’s Management Toolbox© to help companies deal with challenges including:

Growth Stalled

Growing Too Fast


Delegation Challenges

Employee Attitude Issues

All of the elements have been refined into an exceptionally cost-effective combination of software, courses, assessments, and services!

Based on the Abunden Framework©, these habit-building tools and services are designed specifically for smaller companies so they can adapt, grow and thrive.

Our proven systems and tools are based on over 25 years of experience with smaller companies, many of which have doubled sales in two years.

Managers of organizations with between 10 and 50 people often experience challenges transitioning from a hands-on, do-it-myself management style to a delegating management style.

Finding new sales has never been this easy!

Decades of experience are baked into our sales assessment tools and the checklists that go with them. Plus we can help with the execution of certain parts of the plan!

Six tools that work great together to continue your growth to 100+ people!

Six tools that work great together to continue your growth to 100+ people!

Get started with the parts that you need now and add the others when needed

Create the organizational structure needed to grow your team and the business

Easy-to-use, drag and drop org charts for limits of authority, responsibility and feedback tracking make it easier to monitor your team as you grow


Sheryl L.
Culture Advisor

Abunden Software brings visibility and organization to the consulting work I perform for clients.

Pradeep A.
Pricing Consultant

The Abunden App addresses all issues that CEOs of smaller companies face.

Mark V.
CEO (Services)

We needed at tool to keep us disciplined, on a schedule, on a clock and organized during our weekly meetings.

Jay C.
Peer Group Leader

These tools are needed by many of the CEO’s in my roundtable group.

Tania D.
Partner (Staffing)

Thanks for taking our company to another level.

Lance S.
Growth Consultant

The Abunden app helps me manage my clients much more effectively.

Bill B.
CEO (Distribution)

You just saved our company more this afternoon than your fees for the whole year.

Jennifer G.
Business Transformer

I appreciate Abunden being the glue to keep all business thoughts, goals, and information in one place.

Mark V.
Manager (Manufacturing)

I never thought our supervisors could perform so well without upgrading that position.

Carlos S.
Fractional CFO

The impact and structure that gives, and then seeing so many things that you're doing better.

* Your results may vary

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