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Software as a Service
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Get everyone on your team on the

same page

Long Term Goals

Values Discovery

Org Structure

Make sure everyone knows their responsibilities and authority

Assign accountability

Limits of authority


Number for everyone

Teams and Meetings

Provide a structured forum to discuss and decide issues

Annual management meetings

Quarterly management meetings

Weekly management meetings

One on one meeting

Daily huddle

Add issues and get to do list reminders


Deliver clear positive and negative feedback in a structured format

How to give


Values based hiring

Values based evaluation


Implement written processes so they can be consistently performed

Identify key process

Structure for procedures

Organizer procedures


Online discussion forum

Setup users

User forum

Video user forum

Video response to user submitted issues

Data connection automation

Data connection for up to 9 accounts to one of the following accounting packages: Quickbooks online, Freshbooks, Xero

Mission Creation

Expert guidance on personalization of tools to your organization - Two online sessions and email followup

$500 One-time

$500 One-time

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